A Corpus Processor - A Linguistic Development Environment -  A Linguistic Engine for developing Natural Language Processing software Applications.


Latest version: v7.1 —Latest build: May 2022 —
(The new RA linguistic engine has been presented at the NooJ 2022 conference, see below to download workbench and presentation).

⟶ Download NooJ for Windows here.

Download the file, move it onto your desktop, double-click it to open it, and then drag the NooJApp folder onto your desktop to uncompress it. Delete the compressed file to make sure you will not use it accidentally. Inside the folder NoojApp, inside the folder _App, double-click the file Nooj.exe to install it first (be patient and answer "OK" to all questions), and then to launch NooJ.

If you get the message "Windows protected your PC", click "More info", and then "Run anyway".

You might want to add a shortcut for the Nooj.exe file to the desktop or dock and associate NooJ file types (.noc, .nof, .nog, .nom, .not) to the NooJ application so that you can launch NooJ by double-clicking NooJ linguistic resources, see Info ⟶ Preferences.

Note to Macos and Linux users: NooJ runs fine in virtual machines such as VirtualBox, VMWare Fusion and Paralels.

⟶ Download NooJ for Java here.

The Java NooJ version is a simplified version of NooJ developed with the European Metashare CESAR project’s support for pedagogical applications, both for students in computer science (to study the source code) and students in computational linguistics: it is open-source and very well documented, its file formats are readable in text formats. It runs on any operating system, including Linux, Macos, Windows and UNIX.

Make sure a contemporary version of JAVA as well as its JDK are correctly installed on your computer.

Uncompress the Java file onto your desktop, and then delete the .zip file to make sure you will not use it accidentally.
Run a shell (e.g. Terminal on a Mac), then type in the two commands:

cd "Desktop/Java NooJ"
java -jar Nooj.jar

Attention Mac users: the first time you launch Java NooJ, you might get warning messages because both the JAVA JDK and NooJ applications were downloaded from the Internet instead of from Apple's AppStore. You might need to bypass the warnings and/or allow the application to run in the Mac”s System Preferences ⟶ Security and Privacy.

⟶ RA: A new linguistic engine for NooJ. Download workbench here. Check out RA sources here.

⟶ Join NooJ users’ Group

⟶ Download NooJ's Manual

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