International NooJ 2021 Conference

Besançon, June 9-11, 2021



The conference has been organized by the Université de Franche-Comté in Besançon, France, June 2021.

⟶ NooJ is used as a corpus processing system in the Digital Humanities as it allows researchers in the Humanities and in Social sciences to apply sophisticated queries to large corpora in real time, in order to construct indices and concordances, annotate texts automatically and perform statistical analyses, etc.

⟶ NooJ provides linguists with tools to formalize any natural language by developing linguistic resources in the form of electronic dictionaries (for simple words, intraword units, multiword units and discontiguous expressions) and grammars (regular, context-free, context-sensitive and unrestricted grammars) to formalize orthographical, morphological, syntactic and semantic phenomena;

⟶ NooJ’s linguistic engine has been inserted into a large number of Natural Language Processing sofware applications such as automatic semantic annotators, Named Entities Recognizers, Information extractors, Paraphrase and RDF to Text Generators, Business Intelligence, Machine Translation, etc.

One NooJ To Go, Please!

NooJ is a free, open source software promoted by the METASHARE European programme and protected by a GPL license. It runs on Windows Operating System (.NET framework) and on Macos, LINUX and UNIX Operating Systems (JAVA Virtual Machine).

There are over 20 linguistic modules that can already be freely downloaded for NooJ, as well as its manual, references, video tutorials in Arabic, Belarusian, Croatian, English, Italian and Spanish, etc.

To learn more about NooJ, download the software and its manual as well as linguistic resources for over 20 languages, click here.